Welcome to Kapproved

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new blog and base of operations, Kapproved. As an experienced software developer and passionate gamer for several decades now, I’ll provide you with my past experiences, tips and tricks and retrospectives on these topics and how they survived or changed for better or worse over the years. Of course other tech topics like new Gadgets or other side projects I’m tackling every now and then will be presented here.

The name Kapproved was coined several years ago when friends of mine gave me the nickname Kappa because there were so many other guys with the same first name I have. As a quick solution, everyone got a nickname based on the brand of shirt they were wearing that day and I happened to wear a shirt by that sports apparel brand. As you can see, the name stuck and as it turned out was pretty versatile. One of the terms coined later on was “Kapproved” since I was frequently asked to proof read some texts and otherwise state my opinion on something, basically giving approval.

As such, this site will soon offer posts and other content on topics either approved or disapproved by me, regarding the quality, usefulness or general development over time. Apart from that, we’ll see how this goes and adapt accordingly. It’s actually been a few years since I closed off my last website from the early years of the internet, so please bear with me. Suggestions on content and improvements to my (non-native) english are welcome, so please drop me a line whenever you feel like it.